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Swiss Monkey

Creating responsive dashboard based on Bootstrap 3 to connect dental job seekers and employers


Swiss Monkey tablet and mobile samples

All the pages from the dashboard, the website and its pages were created to fit the needs of the client. Sass was used to write the CSS code and the whole structure of Sass was made according to variables in case the client wanted to make fast changes in the design in the future. 

Technologies & Plugins used: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery


The main activities that were to bring success to the project

  • Creating a pixel-perfect, custom, responsive, and optimised Dashboard


The challenge was to create many different sections that needed to be custom made. Also, structuring the CSS code proved to be a bit of a challenge due to the versatility of the structures.

Client Specifics

Swiss Monkey is an exclusive dental jobs network that connects job seekers and employers. They offer a platform where perm or temp positions can be advertised, immediate notifications for members are given and many other benefits in the job seeking/offering process.

Client Needs

The client wanted a dashboard based on Bootstrap 3. The designs for the dashboard were created by the client. They also wanted Sass to be used in the creation of the website. In addition, the client wanted a website with 5 more pages.

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