Create endless opportunities with WordPress Websites

WordPress powers 35% of the Internet today and over 60% of the CMS-built sites are built in WordPress. Overall, there are more than 455.000.000 sites that are using WordPress right now.

The simplicity, stability and flexibility of WordPress has made this content management system the top favourite for thousands of users who are building their brands online.

WordPress is the best fit for you if you want a fully functional platform where you can establish your brand in a lot of creative ways, making sure that you will be able to achieve the maximum satisfactory user experience.

With all my experience and expertise that keeps on growing I am able to answer all of your WordPress needs. Also, I can perform maintenance and support and do security check-ups of the system to ensure that your online presence is always optimised to function optimally.

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How can I help you with WordPress?

New site with a custom made theme

Rebuild or improve the existing website

E-Commerce site with WooCommerce plugin

Migrate the website to another server

Help with deployment

SEO optimised

Why is WordPress my CMS of choice?

WordPress is stable and easy to use offering endless opportunities for custom and unique designs. It is innovative as it always follows the user trends and supports them with the latest technology with new exciting features that are added regularly.

There are more than 22.000 plugins that can improve the functionality of the website. Some of the plugins I always use in a WordPress website include

  1. WooCommerce for building an ecommerce site
  2. YoastSEO for optimising the site for search engines
  3. ACF for editing screens and custom field data

When it comes to optimisation, WordPress offers excellent and simple ways to organise and edit the content and structure according to the SEO rules while creating pages and blog posts fast.

A large community of users puts its trust in WordPress as it never fails to meet their expectations and, also, WordPress makes it easy to connect to social media accounts and share content on various platforms by using widgets.

With WordPress, I have brought life to my clients’ brands online. I managed to convey their brand message to their customers and enabled a superior user experience. For JTF Marketing, for example, I built a custom SEO Responsive Website using technologies like Sass and Gulp and incorporated the Marketo form in the theme along with a module for a chat.

From custom-made websites with design references to building a website from scratch with different plugins and page builders like Elementor, Divi and Bakery I can shape your brand’s online appearance.

With my expertise and creativity and your challenges and desires, the sky’s the limit!

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