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Dashboard with an enhanced user experience based on Bootstrap 3


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All the pages from the dashboard were created according to the designs the client had previously sent. Sass was used to write the CSS code and the whole structure of Sass was made according to variables in case the client wanted to make fast changes in the design in the future. The landing page was also completed as per the wishes of the client and the user experience was enhanced and made to bring satisfactory results with their clients. 

Technologies & Plugins used: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery


The main activities that were to bring success to the project

  • Creating a customized, optimised, responsive  and pixel-perfect dashboard 
  • Creating a landing page
  • Improving the user experience


Sometimes, there are no hard challenges to overcome within a project, as the work is quite straightforward and simple. Even though the dynamics in the creation of the website still seeks careful execution of the plan, no significant obstacles can be noticed. This was one of these projects, where the creation of the website finished smoothly.

Client Specifics

Buildon is a company that helps other companies to offer integrated user experience and inter-connected workflows between the internal users and other third parties by building on leading, secure, cloud-based enterprise platforms 

Client Needs

The client wanted a dashboard based on Bootstrap 3. The designs for the dashboard were sent by the client. They also wanted Sass to be used for the building of the site. In addition, they wanted a landing page for the project. 

The accent needed to be put on creating a better user experience for their clients so that they can have a satisfying and engaging experience while using the website. This needed to be achieved both with the dashboard and the landing page they wanted me to create.

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