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Wise Alpha

Creating over 60 email templates for Wise Alpha to serve in the connection of investors to institutional corporate brands.


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About 60 email templates were created for Wise Alpha and all of them were made compatible and with the inclusion of variables. They were all created according to the designs of the client.  

The templates were easy to use, easy to change the information according to the needs and the client was satisfied with the whole project and all 60 email templates they got.

Technologies & Plugins used: HTML, CSS


The main activities that were to bring success to the project

  • Creating an optimized and responsive email
  • Including variables in the email templates
  • Testing of all emails in Litmus


The biggest challenge was to make all emails compatible to all email clients, especially in Outlook. Part of the sections in the mails were quite complicated to be made in this email client because a great part of the CSS code can’t be used in there.

Another challenge was to implement the mails into Sendgrid where the content was replaced with variables to enable the opportunity to change different information.

Client Specifics

Wisealpha is a company that built the first digital marketplace in the world for investors of all sizes to access institutional corporate brands. They want to make sure that investors are not shut-out by the financial elite from accessing corporate bonds.

Client Needs

Wise Alpha wanted email templates compatible across all email clients. They needed different types of templates that can be used for presenting different types of news for all kinds of users. There was also the need of variables in the templates, as the client wanted to customise their mails according to their needs, purposes and to engage different types of users.

WiseAlpha email templates samples

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