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Stanford email template samples

Stanford University

Creating responsive email templates built with variables for Mailchimp implementation


Stanford email templates mobile and template

All templates were created according to the standards of mailchimp and all of them were made compatible with all email clients by using the provided design. The mails were created based on mail variables in order to make them customizable. 

Technologies & Plugins used: HTML, CSS


The main activities that were to bring success to the project

  • Create an optimized responsive email supported on all email clients 
  • Perform testing in Litmus
  • Test across over 50 devices
  • HTML/CSS supported for the emails


Sometimes, there are no hard challenges to overcome within a project, as the work is quite straightforward and simple. Even though the dynamics in the creation of the website still seeks careful execution of the plan, no significant obstacles can be noticed. This was one of these projects, where the creation of the website finished smoothly.

Client Specifics

Stanford University has been a place for learning, discovery, innovation, expression and disclosure since 1891 when it was first opened in Stanford, California. One of the world’s most famous universities and even more famous alumni, Stanfrod is a true pillar of society that attracts the majority part of the talent. 

Personally, it was a great honour to be a part of the creation of the email campaign of Stanford. 

Client Needs

The client wanted email templates which can be implemented in Mailchimp. The templates needed to be created with variables and also be customizable so that the client could change them if necessary. The mails needed to be compatible across all email clients. The designs for the mails were provided by the client. And they needed to convey the professional voice of the institution.

Stanford University email templates samples

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