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WordPress website with Megamenu, new filters, and refactoring the CSS code


At the end of the project, several deliveries can be noted: a mega menu that helps customers get faster and easier to their wanted product. Now, the menu is much simpler and navigating the site can be done in a more facilitated way. In this way, the end users aren’t confused to find the necessary information or product.

With the change of the filters’ look, which currently are in several variations, the users can much easily get to the wanted product.

Moreover, refactoring of the CSS code and cleaning the unnecessary code as well as reconstruction of the CSS structure was completed. By delivering this task, the client got an improved code that is easily scalable and prompts the opportunity to further develop the code for other components as desired in future.

Technologies & Plugins used: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Max Mega Menu, Woocomerce Product Filters, ACF PRO

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Milan. He has helped us realize many important website changes. The overall betterment of the user experience has been benificiant for our conversion rate, customer’s expenditure and customer satisfaction.
He has a great intuitive sense of how to convert a design idea into a reality on the web. Working within his set of skills, I have not seen any other developer work more efficient. I will definitely hire Milan for future projects.

Siebren Feddema – Owner of Tapeso


The main activities that were to bring success to the project

  • Creating Mega Menu according to designs from the client
  • Change of the look and functionality of the filters
  • Refactoring of the CSS code, cleaning the unnecessary code
  • Use of the ACF Pro plugin and create customizable sections
  • Create pixel-perfect code following the provided designs


The whole project was quite challenging due to the number of changes that needed to be applied. The first challenge came up when the local version of the site for work was created. The whole project was implemented in docker.

Creating the menu was another challenge because it needed to be easily changed by the client in future without the help of a developer, so it had to be done as simple as possible.

Then, the change of the look of the filters posed difficulties to finish because the existing filters at that time had a lot of functionalities that had to be changed in order to create new ones per the client’s requests.

Finally, the last challenging bit of the project was carrying out the refactoring of the CSS code due to the fact that the project was previously worked on by more developers who had their own ways of writing the CSS code.

Client Specifics

Tapeso is an online shop for carpets and rugs from the Netherlands that offers a vast range of quality products such as rugs, doormats and all sorts of carpets. They take pride in their high quality and low prices of the products and in the fact that they are one of the best in the country in their industry.

Client Needs

The client wanted to change the look and functionality of the menu and the header. They wanted an easy-to-use menu which can easily be changed and updated with something new when necessary.

The other important task was the change of the look and functionality of the filters. In addition, they wanted to refactor the CSS and change the look of the blog.

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