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HTML/CSS/JS website with CSS structured in components for a dynamic design/developmental studio


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The current website is functional, fast, optimised and caters to the needs of the client’s ideal audience. All the requests were taken into consideration and executed according to the client’s wishes. 

Because of the need to use React, the code was well-documented and well-structured, so that their backend team can implement it easily. By using their design, the site was built with a structured CSS on every page which prevented breaking the page. 

An additional info by the client is that after changing the design, their conversion rate increased by 75%.

Technologies & Plugins used: Bootstrap 4 Grid, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

I am beyond satisfied by the work done on the website. All of the on-page SEO aspects were covered and implemented with new, up-to-date strategies and techniques. I was also provided with a lot of excellent advice for SEO off-page, for example, how to continue working on the popularity of the website that Google will recognize and validate.

Harsimrat Thukral – Founder and CEO of mintyfusion Studios


The main activities that were to bring success to the project

  • Build a responsive website with multiple pages
  • Create pixel-perfect code following the provided designs


When it comes to the creation of sections with a distinctive look, it is safe to say that the project was a bit challenging. For example, one such section, the half of it, needed to be filled with colour, while the content remains in the grid and the page looks perfect across all devices. 

Also, a challenging part was to create an animation which involved moving of the rocket item and the appearance of bubbles below it. Finally, there was also the need of creating modules where numerous different sections needed to have different images and background colours.

Client Specifics

Mintyfusion is a dynamic design and development studio that creates bespoke software solutions by combining innovative thinking and state of the art technology. They are based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Client Needs

The client wanted an HTML/CSS/JS page which will be created according to the design they had previously sent. The CSS needed to be structured for components so that every section can be used in several other places. 

An even more important client’s expectation was that once built, the page needed to be transformed in REACT application by the client.

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