Mockup to HTML/CSS
Foxpush laptop and computer samples


HTML/CSS website with Flexbox layout Module for simplifying push notifications


Foxpush tablet and mobile samples

The current website is functional, fast, optimised and caters to the needs of the client’s ideal audience. All the requests were taken into consideration and executed according to the client’s wishes. 

In the current website the alpha version of the Bootstrap 4 was used based on Flexbox Layout Module. Also, to build the site, the ScrollReveal script was used which enables a gradual showing of the site’s elements, i.e. as you scroll down the elements appear. 

Technologies & Plugins used: Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Git


The main activities that were to bring success to the project

  • Build a responsive website
  • Create pixel-perfect code following the provided designs
  • Deploy, optimisation and maintenance of the website


The challenges with this project were related to the execution of the look of some of the sections on the site. For example, it was both a challenge and a creative inspiration to figure out the creation of sections where the contour line of the background colour will be skewed. In addition, some of the sections apart from being skewed, they were made to have curved oval shapes with shadows.

Client Specifics

FoxPush is a tech company that makes the push technology accessible to all website owners. They take pride in achieving both of their goals – to simplify the process of creating and sending push notifications and to provide the most sophisticated audience-targeting tools.  

Client Needs

Fox Push wanted a custom made and responsive website according to their already chosen design. Reusable modules were necessary for optimum functionality and further development.

In addition, the client showed preference to the just-released (at the time) Bootstrap 4, so implementing it in the design was one of the main goals.

Foxpush webpages samples

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