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A blog-like website built from scratch offering travelling information


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The current website is functional, fast, optimised and caters to the needs of the client’s ideal audience. All the requests were taken into consideration and executed according to the client’s wishes.

In addition, the collaboration is ongoing as the client has a long-term concept of developing the website and needs help for the additional changes they want to implement.

Technologies & Plugins used: >Wordpress, Bootstrap 4, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sass, Gulp, Accelerated Mobile Pages, ACF, Categories to Tags Converter Importer, Rate my Post – WP Rating System, Yoast SEO, Disqus for WordPress


The main activities that were to bring success to the project

  • Build an SEO Optimised responsive WordPress website
  • Make the website easily navigational and engaging
  • Categorization and interlinking of sections


The whole website was built from scratch and the process of creation ran smoothly and without any significant obstacles. Once the website was created,improvement and changes were made to completely meet the expectations of the client.

Client Specifics

Must Visit X is a website that offers travelling information about popular destinations to travel enthusiasts all over the world. It singles out the most searched cities, landmarks, places to see and things to do from parts all over the world and offers ideas on how to have an amazing holiday on your next trip.

Client Needs

Must Visit X wanted an SEO optimised and responsive WordPress website shaped as a blogging platform for easy sharing of news and info about travelling. The most important request was that the website is easily manageable and provides a fun user experience.

Since the main goal of the website was of informational nature, the focus was an easily navigational theme that captures the attention of the visitor with grand visual media.

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